Torres del Paine National Park Tours

13 - 17 Oct

Day 1 - 13 Oct - Santiago ==> Punta Arenas ====>Puerto Natales:

Reception at Punta Arenas airport. Direct private transfer to Puerto Natales.

DAY 2: 14 Oct -> Puerto Natales --> Torres del Paine National Park

At 08:00 am pick up at your hotel for Full day Torres del Paine, Cueva del


Our excursion starts departing from the city of Puerto Natales, with destination to the majestic Torres del Paine National Park, which was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO on 1978 and belongs to the National Wilderness protected by the Chilean


On the way to the park, we will visit Milodón Cave, natural monument formed by three caverns and rocky conglomerate called devil's chair, which is important because in that place were found remains of skin and bones of an extinct animal; the Milodon darwini, a large herbivore that has been extinct for thousands of years. We will continue our trip until arriving to the gateway of the park, the sector of Laguna Amarga. From there, with clear skies we will be able to make a beautiful postcard of the Torres del

Paine the main attraction of the park and part of the Paine Massif.

Later we will stop to admire another symbol of the park; Paine Horns granite massif, where sedimentary rock is characterized by black color of its points, product of the contact with the magma from the inside of the earth, who gave form many years. Will walk to Salto Grande, the largest waterfall in the park, about 15 meters high, is mainly characterized by the power it has to drain the Nordenkjold’s Lake and feeding the lake Pehoé, beautiful turquoise lake.

Our last stop is the Grey Lake, where we will walk through a forest of Coigues, a hanging bridge over the river Pingo and then get to the beach from the Lake Grey, and observe the different shapes and colors of floes floating in the lake, due to the melting

of the glacier.

As backdrop we will have the Paine Grande (Big Paine), the highest mountain of the Paine Massif and the stunning Grey Glacier, which is part of the Southern Ice Field (Campos de Hielo Sur), the third bigger water reserve in the world.

In the afternoon we come back to Puerto Natales.

DAY 3: 15 Oct - Trekking Base Torres Puerto Natales -

Trekking Base Torres

Pick up at 6:30 am

This demanding hike is worthy of its famous reputation. After crossing the Ascencio river, you will hike approximately 2.5km in a continuous ascent with winds reaching 480 masl, where you will have a panoramic view of the pampa, the lakes to the south

and the valley itself.

From there the trail will descend to the El Chileno camp. The vegetation here corresponds from the Pre-Andean Matorral and will then change quickly to an old- growth forest of Lenga trees where it will ascend again to the Torres Glacier. You will then leave the forest with one final ascent of approximately 45 minutes. The trail will take you to the base of Las Torres and the 3 granite giants will be standing right in front of you. Along the way you may encounter some of the local wildlife like condors,

black eagles and the Carancho.

Duration of the trekking 07 – 08 Hours app. // 12 hours in total (from Puerto Natales)

Difficulty: High

Distance: 18 Kms.

Initial Altitude: 120 masl. Maximum Altitude: 870 masl.

Start Time from Puerto Natales: 06.30 a.m.

Subject to weather conditions.

DAY 4: 16 Oct Navigation Glaciers Balmaceda and Serran

We begin our adventure heading to the Port Dock Austral in Puerto Natales, there board a modern boat that will take us through the Last Hope to magnificent mountain glaciers Balmaceda & Serrano.En its route to the National Park Bernardo O 'Higgins, the largest park in Chile, we can appreciate the lush vegetation covering the mountains to the coast, huge waterfalls produced by melting and the presence of cormorants and sea lions, beautiful setting in this mythical Patagonian channel. The

first glacier Balmaceda will sight will, which picks up the Mount that bears his name and has the peculiarity that has had a significant setback to the point that it is said that ten years ago the ice fall reached the water level. Moor in Puerto Toro and walk

about a mile through a beautiful forest composed primarily Native Coigues, Murtilla of Magellan, Chaura and lichens covering many logs and rocks. We walk along the edge of a lake formed by the melting of mountain glacier appreciating the different shapes and colors of the Serrano Glacier ice floes to reach the foot of the imposing front wall.

Enjoy a Cocktail with Ice Millennials and have lunch at a Typical Patagonian Estancia where we will taste a delicious roast lamb

with potatoes Magellan natural, salads, dessert and beverage ... an unforgettable experience.

Duration: 8 Hours

Back to the hotel for check and and get ready to be transferred to Punta Arenas.

Arrive to Patagonia Apart Hotel and check in. (Accommodation booked on your own).

DAY 5: 17 Oct - Punta Arenas --> Magdalena Island--->Santiago--> Sydney

Pick up at 7 am for transfer to the pier.

This trip gets underway at the Tres Puentes Pier of Punta Arenas, where we board to Magdalena Island. This includes one and a half hour of sailing on the world-famous Straits of Magellan, where we expect to encounter the magnificent black-browed albatross along with skuas, South American terns, cormorants, kelp gulls, and others in the skies around us. In the waters we should find the Magellan penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus) and Commerson's dolphins (Cephalorhynchus commersonii). Magdalena Island is a protected area known as Monumento Natural

Los Pingüinos of 97 hectares, which also includes the tiny Marta Island nearby.,

After disembarking at Magdalena Island we will encounter not just a visual marvel but one involving a world of sounds and odors as well. The Magellanic penguins (up to about 40,000 pairs) build their nests on the island, and their number increase during the months of January and February after the chicks hatch. And this is in addition to the juveniles along the shore. Along the trail to the lighthouse there are hundreds of penguin’s burrows and we will have the opportunities to observe these flightless birdsm up close. The lighthouse is an attraction on its own since it is a national historical

monument. It has its own small museum and a commanding view of the island and its

surroundings. We will spend just about one hour on this island.

After the tour we will drop you of at the airport of Punta Arenas.