South America May 2020


Nếu bạn đi từ A đến Z, bắt đầu 1 tháng 5 và chấm dứt ngày 8 tháng 6. Tổng cộng 39 - 40  ngày tour là 5800 - 5900 USD.

Đây là tour mà Chi sẽ đi South America. Chi sẽ đi đến Argentina thì đi về, các bạn muốn đi Iguazu Falls và Brazil thêm thì giá khoảng 780 USD

1/  1 MAY - 3 June - 34 ngày 4 countries: PERU, BOLIVIA, CHILE, Argentina ----5020 - 5120 USD

2 26 May - 3 June  - 14 ngày 2 countries CHILE, ARGENTINA   2100 USD (không có đi Iguazu Falls)

321 May - 8 June - 19 ngày 3 countries  CHILE, ARGENTINA, BRAZIL   2880 USD 

43 Jun - 8 June - 6 ngày 2 countries, chỉ ở Iguazu Falls va Brazil 780 USD ( không có tính hotel tour ở Buenos Aires)
5/ 11May - 8 June - 28 ngày 4 countries: BOLIVIA, CHILE, ARGENTINA, BRAZIL - 4380

( giá chỉ đoán thôi, không chính xác lắm, có thể rẻ hơn khi có chính thức người ghi tên)

Bao gồm vé máy bay nội đia của các nước đi chơi, tours, hotels, breakfast, vài buổi lunch.

Không bao gồm vé máy bay từ nhà của bạn tới Lima và về từ Santiago hoăc về từ Rio De Janvier

1 May  Lima Peru

2 May Lima city tour.

3- From Lima  to Cusco (Peru) 

1:00pm - 2:21pm
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 LATAM Airlines Group
1h 21m (Nonstop)  100
Departure airport:LIM - Arrival airport:CUZ
LATAM Airlines Group 2035 operated by Latam Air


6 May 2020 Rainbow Mountain day tour 
The Red Valley of Pitumarca
Rainbow Mountain

7 May  Full-Day Trek to Humantay Lake from Cusco

9 May  -Colca Canyon -Arequipa

10, 11 May - Puno

Lake Titicaca

1. Kuntur Wasi Viewpoint
2. Chullpas of Sillustani
4. The Floating Islands of the Uros
5. Taquile Island
6. Bay of the Incas
7.- Remains of the Inca Uyo
Chullpas of Sillustani

The Floating Islands of the Uros
12 from Puno(Peru) - Copacabana - La Paz
Visit the scenic lakeside village of Copacabana 
 take an afternoon boat trip onto Lake Titicaca to visit the “Island of the Sun”.
Strait of Tiquina ferry crossing

Bạn có thể join tour Bolivia bắt đầu từ ngày 12 tháng 5

13 May 2020 La Paz

Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon)




Laguna Colorada

Eduardo Avaroa Reserve

Bạn có thể rời Bolivia ngày 18 tháng 5


19 May San Pedro De Atacama  

Valle de la Luna

20 May San Pedro De Atacama
Lagunas Miscanti y Miniques

Rainbow Valley ????

21 May Calama to Santiago - SANTIAGO CITY TOUR  

7:06am - 9:08am
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 LATAM Airlines Group
2h 2m (Nonstop)   150
Departure airport:CJC - Arrival airport:SCL
Upon arrival at the airport you will be transferred to your hotel. In the afternoon we will explore Santiago de Chile and their highlights. Santiago de Chie stands out for being a cosmopolitan and modern city that perfectly combines its traditions with a modern outlook. The tour will take you to visit the heart of the city and its emblematic sites such as the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, Santiago’s Central Postal Office and its Municipality. We will also visit the Moneda Palace, which is the government’s headquarters as well as the traditional neighborhoods of the historic city center. The tour also includes a visit to the Santa Lucia hill, named Huelen by the natives. It is a real urban oasis in the center of the city. There we will learn more about Chile’s history and enjoy some of the best views in the city. The second part of the tour will take you to the eastern side of the city, to the financial heart of Santiago, known for its modern buildings, impressive glass skyscrapers and its impressive sculptures designed by prominent national architects. There, you will see exactly why this area is known as “Sanhattan” among the locals.
22 May Full-Day Tour of VALPARAISO & VIÑA DEL MAR -Santiago
Known as the “Garden City”, Viña del Mar is undoubtedly one of Chile’s unmissable destinations. Viña del Mar stands out for its beautiful architecture, its impressive palaces and famous Flower Clock, photographed by tourists from all over the world. We will travel along the seafront enjoying the views of the Pacific Ocean, before arriving at the most important ports in Chile: Valparaiso. It was listed as a Unesco World Heritage site thanks to its colorful beauty and the uniqueness of its location on the hills, which create a natural Amphitheatre with the ocean as its stage. We will visit Cerro Alegre, where you can truly appreciate the magic of the city, with its picturesque funiculars, multi-colored neighborhoods, and unforgettable sea views. We will then head to the Sotomayor Square

We start the wonderful trip through the intermediate depression majestically capped with the Andes mountains range to reach Portillo and its unique Inca s Lagoon. We ll get the Chacabuco Monument, historical site where a battle for Chile independence took place in 1817, then well cross a tunnel bordering on next region. Later we will meet with the Aconcagua Mount in the background and along the road the old Andean railway will get together with us. Small towns, mining camps, glaciers and the impressive Andes mountains can be seen from Rio Blanco. We will become witness of how the man built protective passageways as shelters from avalanches occurring in the winter season. Then time for lunch at visitors is own expense but not before marveling at how imposing the Inca´s lagoon is. Return to the hotel in the afternoon.

Just one hour drive from Santiago we will discover the impressive landscape of the Andes Mountain range, where the most important ski centers are located. To reach them we will take a mountain road surrounded by local vegetation and waterfalls. Our first destination will be Valle Nevado, the largest winter resort in the southern hemisphere and the most modern in Chile. Our tour continues to Farellones, the oldest mountain town of Chile, located 32 km from Santiago, in the Mapocho Valley. From this beautiful place we return to the city.

Today we will discover a significant part of The Andes Mountains range. We will visit the town of San Jose de Maipo, located 48 kilometers southeast from Santiago and declared a national monument mainly for its colonial constructions; Its church inaugurated in 1800 and its main Square, emerging trade center of the area and meeting place for lovers of adventure tourism. We will continue our journey through the majestic Andes Mountains, impressing us with its incredible and multicolored landscapes, which in winter season are covered with snow fascinating visitors. Afterwards, we will arrive at the Today in the morning we will explore Embalse El Yeso, at 2500 meters above sea level, main source of drinking water supply in the metropolitan region that will delight us with its turquoise waters surrounded by the wonderful Cordillera, all accompanied by a glass of Chilean wine and a Small cocktail to contemplate this unforgettable Landscape

26 May Santiago to Mendoza by bus

Chúng ta sẽ đi bằng bus từ nước Chile qua Argentina. Khoảng 6-7 tiếng, qua dãy núi Andes rất đẹp. 


27 Maipú Wine Trip

28 May day trip Aconcagua

29 May Mendoza to Salta (Argentina)
Governor Francisco Gabrielli Intl. (MDZ)
Martin Miguel de Guemes Intl. (SLA)
Best Value flight
Aerolineas Argentinas
Aerolineas Argentinas
1h 40m, Nonstop

Quebrada de Humahuaca
30 May - 1 June  Salta

1 June Salta - Buenos Aires
Mon, Jun 1
Martin Miguel de Guemes Intl. (SLA)
Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP)
LATAM Airlines Group
LATAM Airlines Group

 city tour 
2 June Buenos Aires

3 June Salta- Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls

Chi sẽ về từ đây. Các bạn đi chơi tiếp.

4 June visit Iguazu Falls Argentina side

5 June morning visit Iguazu Falls Brazil side
Iguazu Falls Brazil side


5  June Rio De Janvier
12:15pm - 2:15pm
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 LATAM Airlines Group
2h 0m (Nonstop) 
Departure airport:IGU - Arrival airport:GIG
6 June - Rio 

Christ the Redeemer

7 June - Rio De Janeiro

Sugarloaf Mountain


8 June 
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